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Smart Scrum Product Ownership

Jeff Patton and Jeff Gothelf have teamed up to deliver an honest, irreverent, and extremely useful 2-Day Certified Scrum Product Ownership course. This is a course with a deliberate and unapologetic product-centric and Lean UX bias. If you’ve learned Agile and Scrum basics elsewhere and felt that product and user experience concerns were missing, we’ll fix that.

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Put a brain on your Scrum process

Scrum, or common Agile practice, as it’s commonly taught, isn’t enough to create successful products. In the worst of cases Scrum can lead smart, well-intentioned people into doing stupid things all in the name of building more faster. While building software isn’t easy, the hardest part is making good decisions about exactly what to build.

This workshop puts a brain on your Scrum process. In it you’ll learn how to build up from an Agile and Scrum foundation by knitting Lean Startup, Lean UX, Design Thinking, and effective Product Thinking into more holistic product design and development process. The result is an approach to product development that let’s you and your team focus on creating products your users love.

What you’ll learn:

This course will spend a little time on Agile and Scrum essentials and moves quickly beyond. In this class you’ll learn:

  • How to structure a Holistic Product Development process that leverages Scrum for delivery and brings in the best of product, design, and lean thinking
  • How Product Owners, UX Designers, and Engineers collaborate to lead Cross-Functional Product teams
  • Effective Collaboration Skills that help build shared understanding
  • How to frame product improvement ideas using a simple Opportunity Canvas
  • Characterizing your users and their needs using Proto Personas
  • Exploring how users work now, and with your future solution using User Story Mapping
  • Collaborative ideation using the Design Studio practice
  • Identifying a Release Strategy built from small viable releases
  • Validating product solutions using MVP Tests
  • Reducing the risk of late delivery using a Development Strategy
  • How User Stories really work, and how to use Story-Driven Development throughout your process
  • Keeping discovery work visible in Scrum
  • Facilitating common Scrum Ceremonies that place equal focus on discovery and development
  • Balancing continuous discovery and development using Parallel Track Development

Who should attend? (All key members of your team, that’s who)

This workshop isn’t just for product owners. One of the biggest misconceptions in Scrum is that the product owner is the “single ringable neck” solely responsible for building the right product. In fact, it takes a whole team focusing on product success. This workshop is ideal for:

  • Product managers, product owners, or producers
  • User experience practitioners
  • Engineers and testers
  • Scrum masters, agile coaches, and project managers
  • Business leaders
  • And anyone else on your team motivated by creating products your customers love

You should bring your team. Otherwise you’re just going to have to try to explain all this stuff to them when you get back to the office.

It won’t be boring

This workshop is fast-paced and collaborative. We’ll teach with a mixture of hand-drawing, slides, videos, storytelling and humor. You’ll get your hands dirty getting a taste of the many practices we teach.

working the board

Yes, you’ll receive Scrum Certification, and lots of other stuff…

This is a Scrum Certified Product Ownership course, and you’ll receive certification from the Scrum Alliance after attending the course. You’ll also receive a workbook, quick reference guides, and access to electronic versions of all the resources used in class. And participants will receive a copy of Jeff Patton’s User Story Mapping, and Jeff Gothelf’s Lean UX.

Lean UX 2nd Edition

About your workshop facilitators:

Jeff Patton, author of User Story Mapping

Jeff Patton helps companies adopt a way of working that’s focused on building great products, not just building stuff faster. Jeff blends a mixture of Agile thinking, Lean and Lean Startup Thinking, and UX Design and Design Thinking to end up with a holistic product-centric way of working. Jeff has worked in software development for over 20 years in a variety of roles include product manager, engineer, project manager, coach, and consultant.

Find out more about Jeff here:

See what he as to say on Twitter @jeffpatton

Have questions about this workshop? Email Jeff:

Jeff Gothelf, author of Lean UX and Sense & Respond.

Jeff is a designer, product strategist, team leader and author. He’s been teaching teams across the world to rave reviews. Jeff has been creating software products for over 17 years with companies like AOL, Fidelity, WebTrends & TheLadders and Neo Innovation.

Read Jeff’s blog here:

See what he has to say on Twitter: @jboogie

Jeff’s Thoughts On Garrett’s Elements of User Experience

My take on Garrett’s popular Elements of User Experience model coupled with tactical advice for: creating models to better understand your users, improving your software’s usability, and improving your applications’ visual design.

Garrett’s Elements of User Experience

Jeff Patton’s Tactical Advice

User Interface Design, User Centered Design, Interaction Design, Information Architecture, Visual Design, Human Computer Interaction, and Usability Engineering – what do all these terms mean? And exactly what do you need to do to improve your users’ experience with your software? Now more than ever the quality of user experience separates the successful software products from the failures.

Effectively leveraging advanced user interactions such as Ajax requires a fundamental knowledge of user experience processes and techniques.

In this tutorial you’ll learn what User Experience specialists do and how you can leverage Ux approaches to improve the quality of user interface in your software.


Download Jeff’s User Experience Distilled (ppt)

Other Useful Information

Story Mapping for UX Practitioners Virtual Seminar

About This Video

UIE Story Mapping Seminar pageThis virtual seminar was broadcast in September 2011 by Jared Spool’s UIE. Here story mapping is described from a user experience practitioner’s perspective. But, between us, it’s pretty much the same thing.

Navigate to UIE to see more details and watch the seminar. Warning, that if you’re not already a member, you may need to shell out a little cash to get access…but not too much. And, you can get access to tons of other valuable content.

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Is User Experience Relevant Where You Work?

This post is about how looking at the context your product is targeted for can explain your organization’s support, or lack of support, for user experience concerns.

Software development and plastics

I remember something Tim Lister said in a talk at a conference a couple years ago now – and I know I’ll paraphrase this slightly wrong – but Tim said something to the effect of:

“It’s preposterous that we as people in the software business all come together at the same conference – as if we really had anything in common. It’s like having a plastics conference where the people who make those green army men sit around talking to the guys who make artificial heart valves. It’s all plastic, right?”