Building and Usability Testing

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These are big downloads. We recommend muting the sound because there’s a lot of background noise, These short movies clearly illustrate building and testing paper prototypes. In the testing movie, the participants clearly fit into the roles of facilitator, computer, observer, and paired test subjects.

Secrets to Automated Acceptance Tests

In the years that I’ve been involved with agile development, I’ve noticed an ongoing crusade for a holy grail that teams have been striving to reach: fully automated acceptance tests. There are some technical reasons why this crusade is difficult, but more importantly there are good reasons why automating some types of tests too early can be a bad idea.

Unit Tests Verify Code Modules
Agile developers generally divide automated tests into two types: unit tests and acceptance tests.

Bridging the Gap Between Disciplines: Software Testing and UX Design

bridging_the_gap_thumbBy Brian Marick, Jeff Patton – September 8, 2005
From Better Software Magazine
Volume-Issue: 2005-06

Two industry experts from very different worlds walk you through a Eureka! moment. Get their thoughts on how to build a strong, successful collaborative effort between two distinct disciplines—software testing and user experience (UX) design.

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