Story Mapping Slides

User Stories and Story Mapping are a part of almost all classes I teach, and something I’ve talked about in lots of talks. Here are a few sets of slides from just some of those talks.

Most current slides on Stories and Story Mapping


Story Mapping circa 2008

This is one of my older slide decks on Story Mapping. In contains some slides and ways of talking about mapping that I don’t use much any more. But, now and again, people still tell me they miss those old things.

Jeff Patton’s Book Released: User Story Mapping

Jeff Patton’s Book Released: User Story Mapping

liya with bookI wrote a book. This is my friend Liya holding her copy. I’m not nearly as pretty.

It’s About User Story Mapping

I’m known for coining the term “story mapping,” and the book is about that. I may have been lucky enough to coin a sticky term, but the term describes a way of work with product design that I’ve seen lots of smart people doing for years.