Product Ownership Training+In-Context Coaching

This course is tailored to fit your organization.

Unlike a public course, we have the opportunity to customize this course to best fit your organization. The training starts with Jeff Patton’s “Passionate Product Ownership” course and then adjusts content and topics to fit your learning objectives. To tailor the course we’ll work with you in advance to learn more about your organization so that we can:

  • Emphasize practices most relevant to the type of product your produce.
  • Replace the general classroom design problem with one that’s relevant to your organization – we could even start with an opportunity in your current product roadmap.
  • Tailor terminology to suit your organization’s language.
  • Adjust the instruction to match the experience level of your staff.
  • Include the roles critical to success.

We believe effective product ownership requires a team. To that end we’ll ask you to include the roles within your company that help to identify the most valuable and usable products that are feasible to build in your organization. You should plan on including these typical roles:

  • Product managers, product owners, or product marketing – Leaders who understand your business and its products
  • User experience designers, ideally with interaction design experience – those who understand users and UX design
  • Business analysts – those who understand users and the complexities of the domain your product is built for Senior developers and architects – those who understand your current technical environment and what’s feasible to build in it
  • Scrum masters, agile coaches, and project managers – those who facilitate, coach, and are accountable for effective process and product delivery in your organization

As they work together in the class, these roles will better understand how they’ll be working together in their day-to-day work.


  • 15-25 participants are ideal. If you need to include more people, let’s discuss it. We’ll figure out a way to accommodate them.
  • You supply the training facility. We’ll need a room large enough to accommodate 3 to 5 work groups where each group has ample table space to create card models and wall space to post their results. We’ll need a way to project slides and video so everyone can see.
  • We’ll need your support in planning and for follow up. To tailor the course, expect that we’ll spend 2 – 4 hours on conference calls working through details. We’ll also want to follow up 2 – 4 weeks after the course to review the real impact of the training on your organization.
  • We’ll leave you with material you can leverage. During the course we’ll journal using photographs and short videos that we’ll share back to you. We’ll leave you with electronic copies of course material that you can leverage inside your organization.
  • Participants receive Scrum Product Owner Certification: The course will in instructed by a Scrum Alliance certified trainer. All full-time participants will be registered with the Scrum Alliance and receive product owner certification.

Classes look a bit like this:

2-day Product Ownership Training+In-Context Coaching

  • Help teams immediately apply the concepts and practices they’ve learned in training to their current work.
  • During training, participants will be exposed to a variety of concepts and practices, and get a small amount of practice with each. However, it’s always a challenge to directly apply these concepts to the imperfect world we’re currently working in.
  • Following the training with 90-minute to 3-hour coaching sessions for each Product Owner and team will help to build the common language, and begin to transform practices that are reasonably consistent across teams.

Typical activities for team coaching sessions include:

  • Run a reflection workshop to better understand your process today and how you can change it to incorporate the new practices you’ve learned.
  • Create a better backlog and plan for a current product or feature in process.
  • Re-plan an existing product or feature release to identify a smaller minimal viable release candidate.
  • Get out and engage with their users in research activities
  • Workshop stories as a team to identify the details and acceptance criteria needed to support effective delivery
  • Estimate or re-estimate a product or feature in process

Prepare for Internal Training

Ready for a private workshop at your facility? We have some guidelines to help you prepare (or to think about whether or not your space is right for an internal workshop). Learn More


Email Janice to schedule a private, internal workshop with Jeff. He loves to work with clients at their location to work on their projects.


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