Product Discovery Immersion

In a single week, product discovery teams carry a product idea from their current backlog through a complete product design and discovery cycle.

Using a challenging 1-week product discovery immersion, we’ll ask teams to bring in the work they have today, and teach them an effective and collaborative way to get it done. Every concept learned throughout the week will be immediately put to use on the design challenges participants bring in. Participants will receive support by experienced product design coaches and have the opportunity to share their experiences and learn from each other. Ideally, at the end of the week, each team will demonstrate a validated product design ready to move forward into delivery. Or, the team may discover that it’s best to pivot, to substantially change the idea, or abandon it outright. No matter what happens, they’ll experience what ideal discovery work feels like.

Who participates:

3-5 Product Discovery teams, up to 25 active participants

  • Product manager, product owner, or product marketing – a leader who understands your business and its products
  • User experience designer, ideally with interaction design experience – someone who understands users and UX design
  • Business analyst – someone who understands users and the complex domain your product is built for Senior developer or architect – someone who understands your current technical environment and what’s feasible to build
  • Scrum master, agile coach, or project manager – to aid in facilitation and support the discovery team
  • Business stakeholders, delivery team members, customers and users: Teams include those who understand your business, your users, and the details of how to create a software solution.

An ideal discovery team has no less than two members and no more than five. Typical roles on a discovery team include:

Discovery work demands participation from:

  • Business stakeholders to communicate vision, business strategy, and product strategy
  • Delivery team members to aid in collaborative design and estimation
  • Customers and users to help understand their needs and validate solution concepts

Discovery team members should plan on nearly full-time involvement throughout the week – 6 hours or more per day. They’ll take responsibility for creating their own schedules and then coordinating the involvement of stakeholders, delivery team members, customers and users. Outside participants might only spend 30-90 minute sessions with a discovery team once or twice throughout the week.


To plan this one-week workshop, we’ll need to identify product discovery teams, the design challenges they’d like to take on during the workshop, and the outside participants’ teams will likely need to support their work. They’ll need to notify these participants they’ll likely be called on during the week to join in for short 30-60 minute workshops. This may include interviews and discussions with each discovery team. Expect 4-8 hours of planning and discussion to accomplish this before the discovery immersion.

Follow up:

It’ll take effort from discovery teams after this intense week to move work forward. We’ll plan to follow up by conference call or on-line video session with teams to support them with challenges and questions that arise after the workshop.


  • You supply the workshop facility. We’ll need a room large enough to accommodate 3-5 work groups where each group has ample table space to create card models and wall space to post their results. We’ll need a way to project slides and video so everyone can see.
  • An ideal workshop facility is off-site. Ideally participants will work outside of their normal work environment where there’s less distraction from day-to-day job demands. They’ll participate with more focus and energy as a consequence. But, they’ll still need access to other delivery team members and stakeholders inside the organization to effectively complete discovery work. An ideal facility is offsite, but only a short drive or walk to the office.
  • We’ll leave you with material you can leverage. During the workshop we’ll journal using photographs and short videos that we’ll share back to you. You’ll want to share these with others in your company to tell the story, especially when it’s a big success. We’ll leave you with electronic copies of course material that you can leverage inside your organization.
  • Participants receive Scrum Product Owner Certification: The course will in instructed by a Scrum Alliance certified trainer. If it’s of value to your organization, all full-time participants can be registered with the Scrum Alliance and receive product owner certification. Please discuss this with us as we plan the

Immersions are fast-paced, high energy events that end in a celebration!

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Product Discovery Immersion

Using a challenging 1-week product discovery immersion, we’ll ask teams to bring in the work they have today, and teach them an effective and collaborative way to get it done. LEARN MORE