An Opportunity Canvas is a simple one-pager I like to use to facilitate a discussion about a new feature or capability. It’s put together in the spirit of the Business Model Canvas or Lean Canvas which are fabulous tools for discussing new products. But, unlike those canvases, the Opp Canvas assumes you’ve got a product already out there so you won’t need to reconsider the operational or revenue model – which is what those other canvases ask you to deal with.

filling-out-an-opp-canvas  2-opportunity_canvas

Because we’ve got so many good ideas for features we could add, we should consider the specific user’s problems we’re solving, and how we think they would use your solution to solve them. And, since it’s not only about users, you should discuss how users being challenged hurts your business, and how helping them helps your business. This all helps to figure out how we’ll measure success. The Opp Canvas helps drive that discussion.

If you just want to give the thing a try, go ahead and download a pdf here.

If you want to tailor it to fit your needs, here’s the original document. It’s laid out in PowerPoint, so it’s nothing fancy.

Stay tuned

I’ll write a more full featured article on this later. For now, I needed to get the files in a more obvious place to download.