Story Mapping for UX Practitioners Virtual Seminar

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UIE Story Mapping Seminar pageThis virtual seminar was broadcast in September 2011 by Jared Spool’s UIE. Here story mapping is described from a user experience practitioner’s perspective. But, between us, it’s pretty much the same thing.

Navigate to UIE to see more details and watch the seminar. Warning, that if you’re not already a member, you may need to shell out a little cash to get access…but not too much. And, you can get access to tons of other valuable content.

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Uncomfortable Truths About User Stories Presentation

Uncomfortable Truths About User Stories Presentation

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Think Differently About User Stories

Everything you learned about User Stories in your Scrum classes will be challenged in this talk given by Jeff Patton during the “Much Ado about Agile V” conference in Vancouver, BC, Nov 1-4, 2010.

“User Stories really stink,” says Jeff.

They are a pain and there’s a lot of discussion about what they are, aren’t, should be, shouldn’t be, etc. Jeff shares his views, experience and ideas about how to use them in today’s agile world.

Published on May 29, 2013 | Video Length: 1:21

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Why Documents Fail And What You Can Do About It

Why Documents Fail And What You Can Do About It

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Product Design Documents

Product design documents are like vacation photos. They help the people that were there relive and recall details, but fail to give people who weren’t there the same amount or quality of information. Effective teams know how to collaborate for shared understanding.

In this talk, Jeff shows how Agile stories and story mapping help everyone on the team work together to understand the problem space and design and validate products more effectively.

Published on Nov 10, 2014 | Thoughtworks | Flowcon 2014

Link to slides: Flowcon 2014

Top Ten Myths of Myths & Misconceptions of Product Ownership

Top Ten Myths of Myths & Misconceptions of Product Ownership

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Product owner is one of the most critical roles in Scrum, and also one of the most challenging. A lot of the challenge may come from the misconceptions and misapplications of the role.

In this short talk, Jeff will describe the biggest challenges he’s seen during his 13 years (at the time of the video’s creation) working with agile development and Scrum. Jeff will describe insights and better practices that help product ownership work more like it should.

Released 9/26/2014 | Video Length: 1 hour 3 minutes and 32 seconds

Originally taped at YOW! 2014 Australia

Jeff Patton Discusses Product Development, Agile, and Story Mapping

About This Video

In this video, Jeff discusses where Agile went wrong with Todd Charron with InfoQ. Todd asked interesting questions, such as: “Where would you kind of say, that Agile practices kind of dropped the ball on the product management side of things?” He also asks Jeff why he isn’t a big fan of epics and themes.

My area of focus is on Agile practice plus good product management, plus good user experience practice and today that’s a blend of Lean user experience and Lean Startup thinking…
— Jeff Patton

This 33:35 minute interview will give you more to think about as you embrace and use Agile processes in your organization.


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Jeff InfoQ Interview w Todd Charron

Read the transcript or watch the video of the interview at the InfoQ website.

Here’s the audio recording of this video:

You can also see lots of other interviews and talks Jeff has done over the years. Take a look at all of Jeff’s content on InfoQ.

Agile Requirements and Product Management

Agile Requirements and Product Management

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Understanding and communicating requirements in an Agile environment is a very different way of thinking and working.

In this talk, Jeff will explain where the idea of the agile story came from and how best to write and use them. You’ll learn how stories help you manage the flow of discussion and work from big ideas all the way through to delivery. You’ll learn how to break big ideas down into organized backlogs using story mapping. You’ll learn how stories fit into a discovery process that you’ll use to better understand the challenges of your customers and users, imagine solutions, and continuously learn if you’re building things they truly value.

Jeff Patton gave this talk at Agile 2013 on August 6.

Released Aug 7, 2013 | Video Length: 23:34