Adventures with Agile

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“Thud” is the sound a bowling ball makes when dropped onto damp earth. But it’s also the sound that most of our software makes when it hits the market. We’re great at celebrating our wild successes and finding people to blame for catastrophic failures.

This talk is about how we spend most of our work trying to figure out which we have on our hands: a success or a failure. Jeff will share stories of how we use discovery work to identify when we’ve got a “thud” on our hands. And, how the hardest thing to do is recognize and let go of our thuds.

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Jeff Patton Discusses How Agile Does Not Work

About This Video

Jeff Patton and Dave Gray discuss agile design, lean startups, design thinking, teams of teams and much more.
“For me, an agile process turns good people into order takers.” – Jeff Patton

What is valuable out of agile development? Learn that answer, what’s missing in agile development and Jeff’s ideas on where to go from here.

Streamed live on Jan 21, 2014 | Video Length 53:16

Agile Requirements & Product Management

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Understanding and communicating requirements in an Agile environment is a very different way of thinking and working. In this talk, Jeff will explain where the idea of the agile story came from and how best to write and use them. You’ll learn how stories help you manage the flow of discussion and work from big ideas all the way through to delivery. You’ll learn how to break big ideas down into organized backlogs using story mapping. You’ll learn how stories fit into a discovery process that you’ll use to better understand the challenges of your customers and users, imagine solutions, and continuously learn if you’re building things they truly value.

Jeff Patton gave this talk at Agile 2013. Released Aug 7, 2013 | Video Length: 23:34