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The User Adoption Podcast provides interviews about improving user adoption. Hosted by Henrik de Gyor, this is a weekly series where he interviews well known user adoption professionals like Renee Larson, Jessica Bell van der Wal, Rachel Orston, and Jeff Patton.

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You Need to Be a Problem Solver

About This Podcast

Jeff Patton speaks about his experience, career tips, worst career moments, career highlights, and the future of I.T.

He explains why you need to spend time with the end users of software systems, why jobs in I.T. are a good choice, and why you need to try new things until you find what your passion is.

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How to Do User Story Mapping – An Example with MadMimi

About This Podcast

In this podcast with Talking Code, released 7/14/2015, Jeff teaches us how to map user stories by focusing on the user’s journey to an outcome. He shares his opinion on the notorious “MVP” and how he helped Gary Levitt build his MVP with Mad Mimi.

People have gotten fixated on the story template. But that’s not the important part. — Jeff Patton

More of what’s in this podcast:

  • What is a user story?
  • How did Jeff help Gary from Mad Mimi get clarity on what he was doing?
  • What is Jeff’s definition of a “minimum viable product” (MVP)?

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More on Gary, from Mad Mimi, and our project: User Story Mapping with Gary

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Talking Code “Short expert interviews that help you decode what developers are saying.”

How to Do User Story Mapping&lt

Story Mapping & User Stories

About This Podcast

Many people find Jeff’s work inspirational. In this podcast, produced by the folks at Mastering Business Analysis, Jeff shares his thoughts on story mapping and user stories, really providing tons of value to listeners.  It is available on iTunes and Stitcher Radio at the following links:

Link to the interview on iTunes


Link to the interview on Stitcher Radio:


Link to the interview on Mastering Business Analysis:


About the Mastering Business Analysis Podcast

The Mastering Business Analysis podcast is a program with the goal of elevating the role of the Business Analyst and enhancing the skills of Business Analysts everywhere.  Episodes include interviews with leaders in the business analysis community, helpful techniques, and effective practices.  Together we will explore the Business Analyst role and we’ll share information you need to achieve mastery in your role and advance in your career as a Business Analyst and beyond.

Find out more about the podcast by listening to the 7 minute introduction and begin your journey toward mastering business analysis.

Episode 1: Introduction to the Mastering Business Analysis Podcast

Link to the Mastering Business Analysis podcast in iTunes (all episodes): all episodes