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Dual-track Stakeholder Review

tl;dr: Your product team will need to keep its work visible to stakeholders outside the team. If your product team is doing both discovery and delivery, you'll need to review both those things. If you're new to dual-tracking, use this recipe as a starting point....

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Dual-track Team Review and Retrospective

tl;dr: If you're using a typical Agile process like Scrum or XP you'll work in short 1-3 week Sprints or Iterations. You'll finish each Sprint by reviewing the work you've done, and reflecting on how you could change the way you work to improve. If you're a product...

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Dual-track Daily Standup

tl;dr: If you're a team working together on a product you'll need a quick review and planning meeting every day. If you're a team doing both discovery and delivery, that daily review and planning may go a bit differently. Use this recipe as a starting point if you're...

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Adventures with Agile

About This Video “Thud” is the sound a bowling ball makes when dropped onto damp earth. But it’s also the sound that most of our software makes when it hits the market. We’re great at celebrating our wild successes and finding people to blame...

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