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Adventures with Agile

About This Video “Thud” is the sound a bowling ball makes when dropped onto damp earth. But it’s also the sound that most of our software makes when it hits the market. We’re great at celebrating our wild successes and finding people to blame...

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Dual Track Development is not Duel Track

tl;dr: If you’ve heard the term “dual-track development” before, this article explains where it comes from, and what it means. Here are the key points: Development work focuses on predictability and quality Discovery work focuses on fast learning and validation...

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Backlog Grooming Bugs Me

I wrote this article, a rant really, in April 2014. It was lost in a website shuffle a couple years ago, and someone recently asked if I could put it back. So here it is. But, it’s been slightly renovated from the original version to bring it up to 2017...

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Opportunity Canvas

An Opportunity Canvas is a simple one-pager I like to use to facilitate a discussion about a new feature or capability. It’s put together in the spirit of the Business Model Canvas or Lean Canvas which are fabulous tools for discussing new products. But,...

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