Jeff Patton

Veteran Product Manager, Agile, Lean, UX and Product Design Evangelist

Jeff Patton is the glue that connects good product management and strategy, lean user experience and agile delivery practices together. He has authored numerous articles, essays and, most recently, a book, “User Story Mapping.” An independent consultant with a unique teaching and speaking style, he uses hand-drawings and engaging story telling to share his passion for product design.

A Note From Jeff:

There are consultants and consultancies that competently specialize in training and coaching in any of these areas, but that’ll leave your organization with the challenge of integrating them because, you need all three to predictably build successful products. That’s where I and the partners I work with come in.

Glube: A friend of mine used this made-up word combining “glue” and “lube.” And, that’s what I do. I help keep all these practices glued together in one holistic approach, and help keep them each spinning and interacting smoothly.

Working with Jeff is amazing. Jeff is doing the most innovative work I know of around release planning, agile interaction design, and putting requirements into context.
Julias Shaw

Sr Software Engineer, mobi

Jeff Patton

Jeff Patton

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Jeff has a long, involved history in product design. He has designed and developed software for the past 20 years on a wide variety of projects from on-line aircraft parts ordering to electronic medical records. Jeff has focused on Agile approaches since working on an early Extreme Programming team in 2000. In particular, he has specialized in the application of user-centered design techniques to improve Agile requirements, planning, and products. From his work with Tomax to Thoughtworks, you can review his work experience here: LINKEDIN

Jeff is an independent consultant, providing training, coaching and consulting services. He’s also available to lecture and speak at various conferences and events.

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