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The User Adoption Podcast provides interviews about improving user adoption. Hosted by Henrik de Gyor, this is a weekly series where he interviews well known user adoption professionals like Renee Larson, Jessica Bell van der Wal, Rachel Orston, and Jeff Patton.

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You Need to Be a Problem Solver

About This Podcast

Jeff Patton speaks about his experience, career tips, worst career moments, career highlights, and the future of I.T.

He explains why you need to spend time with the end users of software systems, why jobs in I.T. are a good choice, and why you need to try new things until you find what your passion is.

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Jeff’s Thoughts On Garrett’s Elements of User Experience

My take on Garrett’s popular Elements of User Experience model coupled with tactical advice for: creating models to better understand your users, improving your software’s usability, and improving your applications’ visual design.

Garrett’s Elements of User Experience

Jeff Patton’s Tactical Advice

User Interface Design, User Centered Design, Interaction Design, Information Architecture, Visual Design, Human Computer Interaction, and Usability Engineering – what do all these terms mean? And exactly what do you need to do to improve your users’ experience with your software? Now more than ever the quality of user experience separates the successful software products from the failures.

Effectively leveraging advanced user interactions such as Ajax requires a fundamental knowledge of user experience processes and techniques.

In this tutorial you’ll learn what User Experience specialists do and how you can leverage Ux approaches to improve the quality of user interface in your software.


Download Jeff’s User Experience Distilled (ppt)

Other Useful Information

Story Mapping for UX Practitioners Virtual Seminar

About This Video

UIE Story Mapping Seminar pageThis virtual seminar was broadcast in September 2011 by Jared Spool’s UIE. Here story mapping is described from a user experience practitioner’s perspective. But, between us, it’s pretty much the same thing.

Navigate to UIE to see more details and watch the seminar. Warning, that if you’re not already a member, you may need to shell out a little cash to get access…but not too much. And, you can get access to tons of other valuable content.

Here’s the link to UIE: