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The User Adoption Podcast provides interviews about improving user adoption. Hosted by Henrik de Gyor, this is a weekly series where he interviews well known user adoption professionals like Renee Larson, Jessica Bell van der Wal, Rachel Orston, and Jeff Patton.

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Consider Changing Your Product’s UI More Frequently

Decisions and continuous flow

I’ll start with introducing my first bit of information.

Yesterday I sat in on a class my friend Alistair taught at a local college. Alistair was speaking specifically about process efficiency and applying lean manufacturing principles to it. Well, designing and building software isn’t exactly the same as building a product in a production line… but, Alistair (and others) assert that it’s similar. The “parts” that move from station to station in our software production line aren’t car-doors, or engine parts, but decisions that people make. In “knowledge work,” decisions are the parts that eventually end up in our finished software. And, we don’t get real value out of that software until that software – the product of those decisions – is put into use. (more…)